A Certified Bookkeeper Knows Money Is an Intimate Matter

As a certified bookkeeper, I understand why money is considered such a private matter for business owners. And after years of research and talking to people about why they feel money is an intimate matter, it can be categorized as the second most intimate subject for humans after sexuality. It deals with subjects of insecurity and significance, and therefor requires acceptance, compassion, integrity, and gentleness for proper communication.



There has been a general build up in our society of shame and guilt, prejudice and pride; completely around the topic of money itself. If you do not have money you feel shame, if you have too much, you feel guilt. As a culture, affluence can be seen as a matter of pride, and those experiencing poverty or poor money management we tend to view with prejudice.


If you have heard the saying keeping up with the Jones’es, then you know exactly what is being said here, if you don’t have what the in-laws have or if your not sporting the newest iPhone or Tesla car then maybe your not as good as the guy next door that seems to have it all. After many conversations with clients and business owners one of the one things they don’t want to feel is persecuted or judged for not knowing exactly how to implement all the things that need to be done for their bookkeeping and accounting needs.


That would be like expecting an accountant or certified bookkeeper to know how to provide services in your industry. For example, if we have a dentist for a client we do not expect him to know how to do our job and we certainly don’t know how to do theirs. So, there should never be any condemnation when it comes to your financials. Often times business owners are so focus on building there business and there is little time for bookkeeping functions that need to be done and always seem to be the last on the list because the 15 fires you had to put out that day took precedence.


BooXkeeping’s certified bookkeepers are encouraged to practice acceptance, compassion, integrity, and gentleness continuously in their communications with our clients, partners and peers. Where we are redefining the bookkeeping industry, we believe in being cool, we believe in acceptance and support, we believe in constant growth and we believe in personal and professional lives fully integrating into life.


Our BooXkeepers are cool, our partners are cooler, and our clients are the coolest! For more Balance in your life and your books, contact BooXkeeping today!

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