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Welcome to the BooXkeeping FAQ Center, your ultimate resource for all your bookkeeping questions. Our expert team has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help you understand bookkeeping and manage your finances better. Browse our FAQs to find answers to your questions and improve your financial literacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert answers to our most common questions about BooXkeeping’s services and what it’s like to work with an outsourced bookkeeping provider.

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Pricing & Plans FAQs

During your free consultation, we will analyze your monthly transactions to determine which plan is the best fit, and provide a custom quote for your business.

All services are provided month to month and can be canceled at anytime with a 30 day written notice.

Not to worry. If you ever go over your monthly transaction limit, we just bill you per transaction in line with your current pricing.

Of course. At BooXkeeping, we know your success equals our success and clients can upgrade their service at any time.

Outsourced Bookkeeping FAQs

You will have a Chief BooXkeeping Officer assigned to your account. This person will work on your account, master your unique processes, and be responsible for day to day servicing of your account.

NO. We only perform bookkeeping services. Since we do not perform attest or tax services, your CPA does not need to be worried that we are here to replace them. BooXkeeping values your relationship with your CPA and looks to improve the day to day record keeping so your CPA can make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Yes. We provide unlimited communication and integration with the your company’s CPA or tax advisor.

No. BooXkeeping will only share information with parties you authorize, like a CPA or tax advisor.

White Label Bookkeeping FAQs

“White label” refers to our fully supported bookkeeping service where the work is performed by us, BooXkeeping, but sold under your brand.

As an example; Let’s say you own a successfull CPA and Tax firm and you now want to offer bookkeeping services to your clients. Instead of creating an entirely new department, you can avoid the risks, cost’s and overhead by “White Labeling” or “Reselling” our bookkeeping services under your brand.

There are many benefits to white labeling our services vs.. hiring in house. Shorten your sales cycles & attract more clients. Increase revenue, profitability and retention at the same time. Impress your clients with beautiful reporting under your brand. Reduce your risk and overhead. And much more.

For existing CPA’s, accountants, tax advisors & consultants, our white label bookkeeping services can add, on average between $80,000 and $100,000 of additional income to your bottom line each year without you spending a dime. 

If you are an entreprenuer or have an existing bookkeeping business you want to grow, we also offer partnerships through franchising. Click here to learn more about BooXkeeping franchise opportunities.

We offer special pricing to our white label bookkeeping partners. Contact us today to request pricing.

Bookkeeping for Franchises & Multi-Location Businesses

We have a dedicated team, focused on franchises that understand the complexities of bookkeeping for multi locations businesses.

Both. We offer completely custom solutions for growing franchise brands that scale with you.

We can also help individual franchise businesses owners with keeping the books up to date.

If you want to learn more about our pricing and see sample plans, you can go here. This will give you an idea of how much our services cost. Because each franchise is unique, we’ll develop a custom pricing plan that works for your business.

While there are many reasons it’s beneficial for a franchise to outsource the bookkeeping function, the main reason is compliance.

Because franchises are subject to special rules and legal requirements, working with a professional bookkeeping company like BooXkeeping means we stay up to date with all the latest changes and compliance requirements saving you time, money, and giving you peace of mind.

Getting Started

We support most major accounting software including, Xero, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, AccountingSuite, and Sage. 

Not to worry. You’re dedicated Chief BooXkeeping Officer will go over a plan to help get everything corrected and up to date.

Virtually none. We’ll provide a detailed on-boarding plan and minimize you’re time commitment to getting us initial access and a few approvals.

Still Have Questions About Bookkeeping?

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