CPA Firms: Add More Clients, Without Adding More Staff!

Some CPA firms are leery to use outsourced bookkeeping services since they fear that their clients or peers may find out. However, this does not have to be the case with a bookkeeping white label solution created just for CPAs. White labeling allows you to brand services that are produced by other people at a much lower cost compared to doing it in house.


A bookkeeping white label solution offers accountants numerous benefits including:


More Clients and Increased Retention

By providing quality services, you are likely to attract more customers while retaining them much longer than you would by just providing tax services. A bookkeeping white label solution allows you to have multiple services for all the clients’ needs and this attracts them. Without offering the services required, you will be opening doors for them to leave and look for another provider.


Reduce Staff Headaches

CPA and accounting involve a lot of service provisions. If you are providing bookkeeping services, you know all too well all the stress and headaches involved with managing staff members, especially when they are not available, production stops. You will have to add more bodies to gain scalability. However, by outsourcing to a CPA white label solution, you eliminate the headache of human resource and availability of staff.


Increase Revenue

Nothing destroys a firm more than the seasonality of customer billings. If you add bookkeeping services, it will create a new source of revenue for you and also keep your clients closer. It will build a good relationship, and you will not have to deal with the overhead, like the tax and audit services or payroll service your currently providing.


Maximize Profits

Without the cost of employer taxes, benefits, and insurance, financial gain automatically increases. You can operate a whole Bookkeeping department without any of the overhead, and this benefits both you and the clients.


A CPA white label solution allows accountants to offer bookkeeping services to clients while having them done exactly to your bookkeeping model no errors, no frustrations of having to deal with a shoebox at the end of the year. The service can be implemented in a variety of industries and businesses with accounting functions and can be offered to your current clients as well increasing your revenue right away.


When dealing with bookkeeping, having a white label bookkeeping solution partner like BooXkeeping allows you to stand out and beat your competitors. It helps accountants provide clients with excellent services throughout the year while preserving their brands. The solutions are customized to meet each firm’s unique needs.


As technology advances, bookkeeping white label solutions are going to continue to progress becoming an everyday solution for most cutting edge accounting firms. For more information on how we can customize a white label bookkeeping solution for your firm, contact us today!

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