What Does The Unicorn Frappuccino and Bookkeeping Redefined Have In Common?

Why Everyone Loves the Unicorn Frappuccino

When you see the Unicorn Frappuccino, it reminds us all of the whimsical, fantasies of childhood. It’s colorful, happy, fun and even changes flavors as you drink it.  What could be more fun than that? What we don’t think about is everything behind the makings of the unicorn Frappuccino. All the thought and creation that went into to it before it could ever be rolled out to the public.



As a startup or new business owner, you too had put much thought into what type of business you wanted, what it was going to be like when you started it and how each piece of the business would function. Including the services, you would offer and who you would offer them too. All your thoughts were based on how to run a successful business, have fun and make lots of money.unicorn-frappuccino

Here at BooXkeeping we too had an idea, we wanted it to be cool, fun, and a way of life where the services we offered were not your typical bookkeeping services, we believe there is no separation between your personal life and your business life because no matter how you try they always seem to one way or another affect each other. This is where Bookkeeping redefined comes in, we believe in bringing cool into bookkeeping like Starbucks brought whimsical to the Frappuccino. Let’s face it there is nothing fun about spending countless hours on your books after spending all day running your business.



You’re not alone! Time is money no matter how you look at it and if your spending all your extra time on your bookkeeping you’re just not having fun. We are here to help! Just like the Unicorn Frappuccino makes you smile, we are here to make you smile even bigger and lighten your load so that you can be lighter in spirit, body, and soul. Bringing more than just bookkeeping to the table… We care how you’re doing in all aspects of your life, not just your business. We not only balance your books, but we help you balance your life so you can enjoy the days of the whimsical Unicorn Frappuccino.



For more information on how we can make your life more whimsical and fun click here.

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