Bookkeeping Redefined: Bookkeeping In The Digital Age

When it comes to bookkeeping in the digital age, bookkeeping redefined is a much better phrase than the phrases ‘bookkeeping’ or ‘keeping the books’ as these are ones that  leave small business owners with the feeling of overwhelm for a number of reasons:


It’s time-consuming

Small business owners are usually a technician or salesperson whose main goal is to keep doing what they normally do. They don’t need to be losing valuable time or sales by having to sit down and sort that pile of receipts that needs to be processed!


I don’t understand what I should be doing

You may have heard from other small business owners the types of books you should be maintaining to replicate their methods partly to save time but mainly because it’s not your expertise or why you should actually be doing it.


Not sure what goes where

You’re type of business that has a high volume of smaller receipts for everything spent. Some of these are paper, some are in your email, and some are…………well you’re not sure where some are but you know there’s more!

So what’s the solution? Hire a bookkeeper!

Most small business owners don’t mind hiring a bookkeeper to take care of these mundane tasks as long as the cost isn’t out of reach. And if it gets their VAT returns done, awesome! It also ensures that your accountant gets what he or she needs for their end of year job.


Bookkeeping Redefined


Is there an easier way? Absolutely!


How about your ‘booXkeeper’ getting paid to do the things that you want to be done, things that matter to you, things that will make a difference to your businesses decision-making process and know exactly where you are financially month after month?


Here are the some of benefits of working with a new age bookkeeping firms such as BooXkeeping:


It’s in the cloud

It’s more meaningful and useful information

Go mobile

Get rid of the paper

Automated bank feeds

Streamline your invoicing

Get paid faster


Biggest benefit of all? Saving time, so you can focus on what it is you do best, growing your business! When it comes to bookkeeping we have all the skills you need. BooXkeeping… Bookkeeping Redefined!


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