CPAs Eliminating Tax Season Woes

Outsourcing your shoebox clients to a bookkeeping firm may be the best choice you can ever make. You see them coming to your door every year with stacks of receipts that you simply don’t have time to handle. You do not want them to dump all that work on your desk once again, and that is why you can send their work to a bookkeeping firm to get it off your plate. Consider how this process works when you use a bookkeeping firm in this situation.






Find A Bookkeeping Firm Partner

Once you find a bookkeeping firm partner you agree on how they will service your accounts. They will show you their process for managing clients, and they will explain how they service the clients on your behalf. You may ask them to follow basic procedures that your customers expect, and you will receive a final report that shows what was done. This partnership will be comfortable for you because it does not require much work on your end. You take in the paperwork that your client gives you, and the bookkeeping firm sends back what you need. Outsourcing your clients bookkeeping functions not only keeps the shoebox’ out of your office but creates revenue and decreases the part-time staff you usually need to hire to help handle tax season.



Protecting Your Precious Time

Your time is valuable and scarce during tax season as an accountant because there is simply too much to do in a day. Tax season can be overwhelming, and you have organized clients that enter your office who need your full attention. The shoebox clients will suck up all your time because you spend your day digging through receipts rather than just preparing their taxes. Refocusing your efforts on your organized clients while sending your shoebox clients to a bookkeeping firm that will take care of it for you will keep both you and your clients happy during tax season meeting tax deadlines, and being able to process your client’s taxes faster than ever before.



There has never been a better time to start shifting your shoebox clients over to a bookkeeping firm now before tax season starts so that when the time comes your 16 hours days just turned into to 10 hour days. For more information on how you can start with BooXkeeping as your partner contact us today!