Bookkeeping is Changing and it Benefits Your Small Business

Bookkeeping is one of the business basics. It is the daily systematic records of financial transactions and is of great importance to businesses (especially small and medium businesses). It is a way of keeping track of how every single penny is spent.

For a business to grow and be successful, accurate bookkeeping is important since it helps to give a clear picture of the financial standing of the business, and is also necessary for accurate accounting. Accurate bookkeeping could save a business from so many financial issues, including legal ones that could be very unfavorable.


For a while now, there has been some kind of evolution in the way bookkeeping is practiced. Due to the introduction of new software and technology, people in need of bookkeeping services can now have a one-on-one online conversation with an experienced bookkeeper that understands their business. This innovation is definitely a game-changer and it has so many benefits over the traditional way of practicing bookkeeping.

This innovation is no doubt beneficial but choosing the right people is very important if you want your business to harness all its benefits. The importance of bookkeeping to businesses cannot be overemphasized and that makes it wise to go for the best. One of these companies offering the best of this bookkeeping service happens to be BooXkeeeping and it is one of the best out there.


What is BooXkeeping?

BooXkeeping is a company that provides outstanding bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses throughout the United States. They help you get accurate financial records of your business without you investing extra time and effort. They have a team of professional and knowledgeable staff ready to offer you a service tailored to your needs.


Benefits of Using BooXkeeping

–On-Demand Bookkeeping Services: The main purpose of this innovation is to make getting access to or hiring a bookkeeper easier and that is exactly what BooXkeeping provides. Anytime you want, there is always a team of professional bookkeepers waiting to offer you the best bookkeeping service there is.


–One-on-one conversations with an experienced bookkeeper: BooXkeeping offers one-on-one conversations with an efficient bookkeeper. This way, you can get better financial insight into your business and it also creates a semi-intimate relationship between the client and the company staff.


–A Year-Long Access: As a BooXkeeping client, you get access to a bookkeeper who sets up your books all year long.


–Personalized advice and answers: Through video chats, you can ask specific questions and advice relating to the financial aspect of your business.


–Sharpest Bookkeeping Experience: BooXkeeping offers an unmatched bookkeeping experience that leaves you satisfied in a relatively short time. There is no beating around the bush – you get exactly what you want when you want it.


–Tailored Services: Every client wants something different and that is why BooXkeeping services are tailored to each specific client’s needs. By being able to communicate directly with professional bookkeepers, you can give specific instructions and that enables their team of capable bookkeepers to be able to serve each client better.


–Time Saving: Using BooXkeeping is time friendly. While the record-keeping of your finances are being handled by professionals, business owners can focus on other aspects of the business. It is also time saving in the sense that BooXkeeping always keep to time and they always deliver


–Good Prices: Compared to so many other similar prices, BooXkeeping provide their services at relatively cheaper prices. The prices are competitive and reasonable for the good quality of work their team of professionals does.


–Enhances Business Growth: The quality of work done by the BooXkeeping team will definitely have a positive influence on the growth of the business if the business owners take note of feedback and take heed to the pieces of advice given by the team of professionals. Having access to the most efficient bookkeepers, you could find anywhere is very good for business growth. The prices are also relatively cheaper, so, that makes it a more better choice than any other prices out there.

How It Works

Getting started is very easy. All you have to do is sign up for their services of your choice via the website. According to the website, you can get started by following the company Bookkeeping Process which consists of just six steps. According to the website, these six steps are:


Step 1 – Complimentary initial consultation with one of our Chief BooXkeeping officers.


Step 2 – Customized bookkeeping plan to reflect the specifics of your business models and needs


Step 3 – Upon signing of the proposal, transfer of financial data to our team via 3 easy ways:


1-Exchange File Software (such as DropBox) with 128-bit SSL encryption and password protection to keep your files safe and compliant with state privacy laws and with international best practices for handling sensitive information;


2-Fax (we don’t recommend using emails for sensitive data);


3-FedEx or Certified US Mail (once received the information will be scanned)


Step 4 – BooXkeeping Team will work on your financial statements, making sure that the Debits always stay on the left and the Credits on the right


Step 5 – We will send you the list of uncategorized items to review and adjust.


Step 6 – Once you receive the information, a member of the BooXkeping Management Team is available for any questions regarding your Financial Statements.


And that is it! In just six easy steps, you can become a client of one of the best bookkeeping companies there is.


BooXkeeping offers a wide range of bookkeeping services and you are free to choose whatever plan you want. They also have sample plans you can view before you commit to anything. These sample plans give you a very good idea of how much you will be paying and the services you will be getting at a particular price.


It is obvious that the art of bookkeeping is changing. A better option is now available and BooXkeeping, which is one of the best, is offering that option. BooXkeeping is definitely ahead of the game.


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