5 Small Business Tips To Boost Sales On A Budget

Are you in need of some small business tips to boost revenue this quarter? Even without a big budget, these simple tips can help your business go a little further.


  1. Reach out to your client base.

The best small business tip is to reach out to your current clients and customers, as it’s often easier to scale up the volume of work with current clients who already know your business and understand your products and services. If you’ve managed to build a steady relationship and consider you a trusted partner in their business, try to reach out and offer new ways to help them.


  1. Launch a limited promotion.

Discounting your products or services will actually help to increase sales volume in the short term. Even a slight discount can make your business more attractive. During your sale, define the sale parameters, including the ‘before’ price and when the sale ends, so that customers are clear on the offer conditions. Ensure you utilize a service like Booxkeeping to stay on track of sales data during the offer.


  1. Ask for a referral.

A loyal customer base is often one that’s happy to refer you to others. Your clients are likely to be well connected in their industries, so reach out to the clients who you know are satisfied and happy with your products. Ask them if they know anyone else in the industry in need of your services who will also benefit from working with you. By simply following up a project by gently reminding them to recommend you to others, your business can get an extra boost.


  1. Get regular feedback.

An overlooked tactic is getting feedback, which can easily be done after project completion through a simple survey form. Listening to your clients or potential customers is the best way to understand what solution they need next and how your services can tackle them. If you don’t have open communication with your clients, future projects may not turn out as well as they could through misunderstandings.


  1. Make use of social channels.

Learning how to increase sales through social media is important. Social is a great tool to promote offers and increase loyal followers. As you build them up and upskill your social media knowledge, these followers will turn into customers, so long as you approach them in the right way. For example, utilizing customer testimonials in your posts will spark interest in your business, and investing in a small paid promotion can help engagement with your promotions.


It’s important to not just view social media as a sales tool, however – it’s a hub for people to communicate with each other. So posting on your industry’s news, giving insights on how you work, or sharing engaging behind-the-scenes coverage can help complement the sales function of social media.

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