Why You Should Only be Doing the Things You Love

“When you love what you’re doing you will always be successful”  I’m sure you can think of countless numbers of people and books you have heard or read that advice in and from. Like, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, or the infamous book called The Secret. But what they don’t mention is the most successful way not to do the things you dislike. Let’s face it if you’re a business owner and you own a T-shirt shop, you didn’t get into the business because you loved bookkeeping, sales, or marketing, right? You got into that business because you loved designing T-shirts! So how do you avoid doing the things you hate? Outsourcing!



Is Outsourcing Affordable?

In most cases if you added up the costs it takes to do it yourself or to hire an in-house team member outsourcing will almost always be more cost effective. For example, if you earn $250 per hour wearing one hat, then why would choose to do tasks that can be outsourced for $50.00 per hour? By outsourcing that function you only pay for what you need and you can actually go back to making money while someone else that loves to crunch numbers does it for you. Not only that, the dread you never have to feel again from having to do it yourself is priceless!



Are You Any Good at It?

This would be another vital question to ask yourself. Think along the same lines as above, if it takes you 3 hours to do it and even then, it could possibly be wrong, but it only takes a professional outsourcing team an hour to do it and it’s completely precise why wouldn’t you utilize outsourcing? If you’re not good at it, outsource it and focus on what you love doing, ultimately outsourcing will pay for itself because now you can focus on what you’re great at and actually make money doing.


A perfect example is bookkeeping. If this is not what you love doing, then it most likely takes you five times longer to get around to it, and when you finally do if you don’t speak debits and credits, profits and losses, and knows exactly what goes on the balance sheet, how accurate is it going to be at years end when you need to turn it all over to your CPA?



What to look for in Outsourcers

You want to look for outsourcers who are qualified, depending on what type of function your outsourcing, if they are certified in their field, is it an outsourcing company or a one person show, do they have a good reputation in the industry or a mediocre one, do they have a business license in place, what policies and procedures do they have in place regarding your data, what type of security is in place if your data is being hosted in the cloud, do they have testimonials or can they provide you with references of other business that use their services in real-time. These are all questions you should ask when you’re looking to outsource any of your business functions.


When you add all this together, if you dislike or don’t know how to exactly do certain tasks, outsourcing is a perfect solution. Honestly, if you’re not outsourcing, you’re doing your business and yourself a huge injustice. Even if you just start outsourcing one thing at a time to see if outsourcing is for you, pick the most mundane or dreaded task you can think of and start there or consider outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks to start with to relieve the extra added stress and pressure that keeps you from doing what you love. To start outsourcing your bookkeeping today start with a recognized top bookkeeping company by clicking here.

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