How Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Illness for Business Owners

One of the biggest stressors for a business owner is revenue and profits. Many business owners cannot afford top level financial executives so rather than hire a bookkeeper, they outsource to an accounting and bookkeeping services firm. Then another fire needs to be put out, and they are back to being a stress ball. So we thought we would share with you one of the top ways that CEO’s lower their blood pressure during stressful circumstances.

The American Institute of Stress claims that breathing exercises can slow your heartbeat and breathing, decrease blood pressure and muscle tension; and with regular practice, have long-term as well as immediate effects on health. Great! So next time you are stressed, take a deep breath and when possible, get in some exercise. While we love these tips and think everyone should start reducing inflammation with healthy lifestyle practices, we also understand that for a business owner – stress is inevitable. It is going to happen, so why not plan ahead and get in front of the problem? Engage with an accounting and bookkeeping services firm to let them take the most stressful part of your business off your shoulders.



Our clients say that our accounting and bookkeeping services relieve stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives because they are able to rest assured knowing that their books are balanced. All without them having to manage any employees.  But if you do not have accounting and bookkeeping services at your fingertips than maybe this breathing technique is a better fit for you!




Here is one quick exercise developed by Wim Hof, who is currently being studied by Dutch physiomics researcher Maria Hopman of the UMC St Radboud Nijmegen, for the changes he has made to his physiology through breathing and other, less pleasant, practices. Hof is known as the Iceman for his practice of swimming in freezing water and spending time in ice-filled boxes.



Breathe in sharply, and into your belly rather than the chest. Relax to exhale – don’t force it. The emphasis is on the inhale. Repeat 30-40 times. You may feel lightheaded (like being a bit tipsy). It is nearly impossible to feel stressed when you’re in this state!



Next, exhale completely and hold until you need to breathe. It’s not a contest – just inhale when you feel the urge. On that inhale, expand your belly to get as much air as you can. Hold it for a count of 10.



Sit quietly and breathe normally for a few minutes after four rounds. If you have time and a regular meditation or stress-reduction practice, now is a good time to have a session. A reduction in minor anxiety may be felt after just one round, and a panic attack can be reduced significantly in 4-5 rounds of breathing.



Another benefit of this method is that it oxygenates the blood. You may find it helpful to do this exercise before a workout – you may find that priming with this exercise helps you workout harder and longer.


If you find that you would like to breathe easier and have your financial books done by expert bookkeepers contact us for your complimentary consultation. We can make you rest easier on at least that front of your business stressors!


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