The Profit is in the Penny: Understanding your Businesses Finances

When it comes to running a business knowing what your customers like, what they want and what they will pay for is just the beginning.  In order to have a truly successful business you need to know your numbers and in order to do that you will need to understand your small business bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is one of those dirty words that no one wants to talk about at parties.  The truth is that no one really likes to talk about numbers but when it comes to having a successful and profitable business your small business bookkeeping is critical.


Understand your numbers

When it comes to bookkeeping it all comes down to numbers.  We need to know how much cash we have on hand, what wee owe, who owes us and what we can do with this information.  When it comes to small business bookkeeping knowing what we have to work with will determine what direction we can travel and what we can do when we get there.


Get Started Today


When it comes to small business bookkeeping you need to start today.  When we start today we can easily structure our finances in such a way that they won’t become overwhelming.  We can enter the numbers and dates into a simple spreadsheet at the end of the day and then allow accountants and number crunchers the joy of making sense out of it all.  The sooner you start with your small business bookkeeping the more likely mistakes can be avoided and what we thought was in one column was actually in the other.


Understand Cash Flow Trends

When it comes to your small business bookkeeping you can easily project your cash flow.  For example if you start keeping track of your numbers in January and continue throughout the entire year, the next time January comes around you can see how much you made, what you spent and what you had to work with.  From these numbers you can easily project if you can spend some extra money in the hopes to see a greater return or hold back and spend that money later when you know it will be more profitable.


Focus on your businesses profitable areas

When we focus and control our small business bookkeeping habits we can easily determine what sells, what doesn’t and what we should be spending our money on.  If we go through our businesses just guessing on what makes us money we are leaving money on the table.  With the task of small business bookkeeping on our side we know where the money is, who deserves it and how we can make even more if it.


Your Time is Money

There is a saying “Time is Money”.  When we implement good small business bookkeeping techniques we can determine when our most profitable hours of operation are.  We can determine if we can take time away from our business and focus on other areas that will make us more revenue and cut non-essentials that could be eating up the profits we thought we were making.


At the end of the day these bookkeeping tips will be the starting point.  Implementing and learning from your data will be the ultimate test of your small bookkeeping practices. For more information on how you can outsource your bookkeeping functions contact BooXkeeping today for your free consultation.


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