Virtual Bookkeeping: Cool Bean Counters Are Everywhere

When you own a small business, it’s important that you keep good financial records that are consistently updated. But more importantly when you can’t, that you are not judged for it. The last thing anyone one wants is to go into the Tax Preparer or CPA office and be made to feel as if they already didn’t know they aren’t perfect with their financial records. With virtual bookkeeping services, you never have to feel that way.



At BooXkeeping, we think beyond just bookkeeping. We know life gets in the way at times and that you may not get to your financials right away. We also believe that cool beans are everywhere. With our virtual bookkeeping services, you’re never going to experience feeling inadequate again. You’ll know when you walk in the office of your CPA or Tax Preparer that your books are exactly what they need to do their jobs.



Tax preparation is one of the key reason to keep a detailed set of books, but there are other reasons as well. Like knowing how much money your company is bringing in along with where and how the money is being spent. Comparing your businesses results to industry standards to govern where you may need to improve your business model. Also, comparing this year’s sales and expenses to the last year(s) to see your progress in the business world. Reviewing this year’s accounts (cash, receivables, liabilities, etc.) to the prior years will help establish profit and sales goals.


Another good reason to have current financial records is to satisfy a lender if you’re ever looking to qualify for a business loan. With virtual bookkeeping services your business will have the comparative data it needs. With the ability to pull up profit and loss statements side by side in one report so that you can compare key elements when you need to.


One of the core concepts at BooXkeeping is: Cool Beans Are Everywhere. Everyone is cool in his own unique way. BooXkeeper is responsible to recognize, acknowledge and vocalize the coolness of another human being in his community. For more information on how you can become one of our virtual bookkeeping clients contact us today for your free consultation.

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