Saving Time With Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Money is an intimate matter and as a virtual bookkeeping service we see everything there is to see when it comes to your business finances, but what we hear from our clients is what matters most. When we ask our clients what it is that they value most in our service one of the top benefits is that it frees up their time to focus on other aspects of life, the kids are happier because you didn’t miss that school performance or play they were featured in, date night actual happens more often than not with the spouse, the CPA is very happy that all the books are in order at tax time making it easier for everyone involved, and these are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping to a virtual bookkeeping service.

Virtual Bookkeeping Service


When it comes to the daily irritations of life and relationships freeing up your time can only improve your relationships. If you don’t take the time to reflect and push the reset button sometimes, small annoyances can become resentments and eventually rage. Take a few minutes right now to think about the top three things that bother you about your partner (or kids, coworkers, etc.). Maybe not the biggest, hardest issues you deal with, but the most frequent irritations – the ones you spend the most time ruminating about, whether out loud or in your head.


Now it’s time for a little inquiry.


Does your partner intend this behavior, or is it negligence? If there is intention, there is a reason. It would help if you understood their thinking. Maybe you would see that the behavior is solving another problem. Maybe you can find a more pleasing solution.


What does the behavior cost me? Do you pick up dirty socks, put the toilet seat down, or turn off the lights? Separate the cost of the fix from your irritation. What if this was just a fact of life and not a result of someone else’s behavior? What if you just stopped being upset about it – what would change? This can help you realize if your emotions are out of proportion with the “crime” being committed.


What if you didn’t “fix” the problem? Maybe you constantly threaten the result of your not fixing the issue for them, but what if you just let it happen? What would he/she do if there were no clean socks? Find out! Sometimes life feels like you’re a juggler who keeps getting passed more and more balls. If you just keep accepting them, they’ll keep coming. What happens if you drop a few, or let someone else share your load?


What equivalent behaviors do you have? Do you get angry at your kids for leaving a mess in the kitchen, but sometimes do it yourself? You know you were in a hurry, in pain, or had some other excuse. So do they. Even if it’s “I don’t wanna” – we all have those moments. It’s not that you should let it go, but maybe you can learn to separate their behaviors and your reactions.


Are your current methods of dealing successful? Maybe you yell or write angry notes. Maybe you use passive aggression on your loved ones. How does that work out for you? Probably not well. You may get what you want, with a side helping of grumbling and aloofness. What if you react with good humor? Loving reminders are really effective. The reminder, you, and the behavior can be associated with a hug, kiss, smile, joke, or kind words.


Being a business owner and having a family can be difficult at times, finding balance is important. This is where a virtual bookkeeping service like BooXkeeping helps. We know how vital even an extra few hours a week can be to keep a healthy balance at home, in business, with staff, and even that occasional time to take a few moments all to yourself.


Finding creative ways to get what you want is more rewarding for everyone and leaves you more energy and time to tackle the more important stuff. For more information on how you can free up your time with a virtual bookkeeping service for your business click here.

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