5 Reasons Your Firm Needs White Label Bookkeeping Services

Shhh…it’s our little secret. Many CPA firms are hesitant about using an outsourced bookkeeping service. Usually, they fear one their clients or their peers will find out. Not the case when you white label!


What is the definition of white label?

White labeling permits you to brand a product or service that someone else produces, typically for a fee much smaller than doing it in-house or creating it yourself.

White labeling lets you offer bookkeeping services to tax clients without spending the money on a full-time BooXkeeper in-house. White labeling is used widely throughout many industries, from tech services like MSP’s that host 3rd party software products, to skin care that sells for hundreds in department stores, to vitamins, and of course with BooXkeeping and accounting functions.


What are the benefits to white label bookkeeping services?

There are many reasons to utilize a white label bookkeeping service, but here are our top 5 picks!


Add New Revenue Producing Services Without the Overhead.

      1. One of the biggest pain points for a firm is the seasonality of client billings. Adding in year- round bookkeeping services will create new revenue sources but also keep your clients closer with a tighter relationship than the once, twice, maybe quarterly contact that tax and audit services, or even payroll provide.


Increases Client Retention.

      1. The more services that you can provide a client, the longer you will keep them. Without having a one stop shop for all their accounting needs, you are opening the door for them to leave you and find another provider who can do it all in one place.


Scalability and Reduced Staff Headaches.

      1. If you are already offering bookkeeping services to clients, you understand full well all the headaches that can occur with managing a large staff. When they are out, the production stops. You have no scalability without adding more bodies. When you outsource the model, the headaches of human resources and staff availability are alleviated from your organization.


      1. White labeling saves time and money. Why re-invent the wheel if you don’t have too? White label bookkeeping services save time and money; no more frustrations between you and your clients at year end when the books are a mess and you have to charge them more for the clean-up process. No more losing money on having your accounting professionals working on insufficient BooXkeeping tasks that were done incorrectly that you can’t bill for because your client would be upset and potentially leave.


Increased Profits.

      1. When you don’t have the overhead of employer taxes, insurance, benefits etc you can increase the profit margin on the same deliverable to the client. You can literally build an entire service based BooXkeeping department without any of the overhead.


White label BooXkeeping is worth its weight in gold!

Engaging with BooXkeeping, your partner in white label bookkeeping services, allows you to stand on the shoulders of expert BooXkeepers, providing your clients with excellent services year round, all while preserving your own brand. For more information on how you can get started with white label bookkeeping services, contact us today for a free consultation.

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