Franchisees, Don’t Let Technological Advances Pass You By

Twenty years ago, technology wasn’t something that everyone was interested in. It was expensive, clunky, and often very frustrating to work with. Because of this, most people and businesses left it alone.


Now, technology affects everything we do, including our entertainment, daily activities, and jobs. We may not have flying cars yet, but we certainly can control our homes from our phones! That definitely wasn’t possible twenty years ago.

What This Means For Businesses

While these advances are great for personal uses, they mean astounding things for professional applications. Not only are they changing the way companies and customers interact, they’re changing the way the businesses themselves function on a daily basis.


Take digital wallets, for example, Apps like Paypal, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are allowing customers to pay with a tap of their phone now, instead of digging through their pockets and wallets. Customers get a speedier checkout process, and businesses get their money faster. This also offers customers more options to pay, meaning they’ll be more likely to spend money.


There are apps for pretty much anything a business would need to do, now. Many small businesses are already taking advantage of this.


Where Franchisees Fit In

Sadly, a lot of franchises are slower to adapt to these advances in technology. That’s not always the franchisees fault, however. While a small business owner only has to answer to themselves, most franchises have a corporate presence looming over them with franchise business accounting requirements to meet.


Sometimes, these corporate higher-ups have a ‘if it’s isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ mentality about how things are done. By adapting to newer tech, though, they could be saving themselves time, money, and stress.


Newer tech allows inventory controls to be tighter, employee training to be more relevant, and operating software interaction to be smoother and faster. You know exactly what’s going on in real time, and there’s less frustration in doing even the simplest everyday tasks.


Even if you can’t put the tech in place yourself, there’s still ways you can take advantage of it. Outsourcing your franchise business accounting is a great example of this. By outsourcing this task to someone who’s got the tech setup for it, you know that it will be done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. You get peace of mind, and you’re freed up to focus on what really matters, which is running your business and making money.


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