Bookkeeping and Accounting Services: Debit + Credit = Love

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services: Debit + Credit = Love

Just like everything in the world boils down to relationship between two individuals, everything in accounting boils down to relationship between debit and credit. Thus, BooXkeeper’s role is to be a relationship guru, a.k.a objective third party, who helps the client to reconcile his relationship with finances in a non-judgmental, positive, and constructive way.



In bookkeeping and accounting services debits and credits are a fundamental element of the accounting system. They will be the method used to record business transactions, and keep an eye on assets and liabilities. Whatever has a value is recorded as a debit or credit, with regards to the transaction occurring. The concept of debits and credits might seem to be foreign, but the person with average skills uses the idea behind the conditions on a regular basis. In accounting, credits or debits are abbreviated as DR and CR respectively.



Debits Rules

Debits increase property, resources, possessions, investments, belongings, anything that is considered an asset and lowers liabilities. For example, when a business purchases an automobile, that can be an upsurge in business assets by means of a debit to the automobile account. If the business bought the automobile with a car loan and makes a repayment on the loan, the repayment is lower to the responsibility account, records payable.



Credit Rules

Credits lower property, resources, possessions, investments, and belongings anything that is considered an asset and increases liabilities. Using the automobile example from above the liability account, notes payable, would be increased by the quantity of the automobile loan. If the business used cash to help make the vehicle loan payment, the asset account cash is decreased.



Using Credits and Debits

When documenting entries, debits are always outlined first. In the overall journal, where double-entry accounting has been used, debits will be the first entry. The debited bank account is detailed on the first line with the total amount in the left-side of the register. The credited account is shown on the next line, usually indented and the acknowledged amount is documented on the right-side of the register.



We Started with LOVE and we are Ending with Balance

In relation to bookkeeping and accounting services for each debit, there has to be a credit. For instance, if you get office equipment with $500 cash, any office Supplies account is debited by $500 and the cash account is given a credit of $500. When a business makes a repayment to a creditor known as ABC the accounts payable that is attached to ABC is debited and the cash is now credited.



When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting services BooXkeeping can show you lots of love and create more balance in your life contact us, we would love to chat with you!


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