How to Best Integrate Outsourced Bookkeeping with Your Current Finance Team

Integrating Outsourced Bookkeeping with Your Current Accounting Department

When it comes to your business financials and growth many companies find that integrating outsourced bookkeeping functions helps lighten the load of current staff members drowning in their current workload due to exponential growth or high staff turnover. Up until recently, you find that you handled your accounting functions well but are beginning to feel overwhelmed or a bottleneck to others and simply feel there is not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished that is needed. Some benefits of connecting your accounting department with a bookkeeping service include additional staff without the overhead, expert advice, and technology resources.

Time Sheets 

Your timesheets are an important part of payroll, paying your team properly, allocating vacation pay and time, and tracking your rates for the services and labor provided. Even if you have a set rate for your products or services, knowing the exact amount of time your staff put in allows you to set your pricing in line with your expertise and services or product demand. You also have a better idea of your staff and team efficiency when accurate time tracking is kept.

Payroll Processing and Distribution

Payroll is usually a job for your human resources or accounting department. Utilizing an outsource bookkeeping service to keep up with the processing and distribution of payroll as you grow helps. Your company’s on-site resources and staff members can be used for other vital accounting tasks or essential business functions.


Your finance team is great at their jobs, but they don’t always have all the answers. Having an experienced outsourced bookkeeping team provides advice and solutions. The service can work on problems with your financial procedures, policies, and financial management without going through the typical trial and error process.


Your in-house IT department has a large workload regarding the day-to-day operations so having the time to research and implement an accounting infrastructure as well is not always best left up to your regular IT department. Your accountant runs into technical issues relating to financial software and integrations they use on a daily basis. An outsourced bookkeeping service uses several different accounting technology solutions, used in a variety of businesses and situations.

Choosing to use an outsourced bookkeeping service can sometimes be a daunting task. Make sure whomever you choose is acting as a part of your current team and is willing to answer any concerns.

If you’re considering using an outsourced bookkeeping service, we can help! Contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our chief BooXkeeping officers today.

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