Business Bookkeeping Made Cool! #CoolBeanCounters

It’s not very often that the word cool comes to mind when we think about business bookkeeping, but as the world transforms from the old ways of doing things to the new culture concepts of being more of a millennial age were seeing things transform and progress at a very high rate.


With new technologies introduced daily, remote workers on the rise, businesses outsourcing services like never before, and application mania. But along with this new era there are still some services that are late on the chain. For example, your local accountant or bookkeeper that still use excel spreadsheets and makes you bring a flash drive every time you come in because the word cloud still means rain.


Another observation as of late is that many people socialize more on their devices than they do face to face which is not always a good thing, mis-communications happen in a way that you can no longer determine a person’s body language and as human beings we tend to often dub in what we think they mean because we can longer see face to face what their expression is along with the conversation.



Here at BooXkeeping, we are redefining how bookkeeping is done.  When we do your business bookkeeping, you never have to worry about a mis-communication or someone dubbing in their own personal assumption of what they think you mean. We believe in being cool, we believe in acceptance and support, we believe in constant growth, not just for your business bookkeeping but on a personal level as well. We believe in personal and professional lives fully integrating into The Life.


We believe that no matter the situation with your business bookkeeping that you can call on us to get things in order never feeling as if there is any judgement because you had to many fires to put out that month and fell behind, or you were so busy building your business that you just didn’t have time for it. We are not only BooXkeepers, but we are also business owners and have a greater understanding of what it is like to build a business and having to deal with the pain staking tasks of business bookkeeping all while trying to grow a successful company.


We are creating a culture of #CoolBeanCounters and we would love for you and your business to be a part of it. Our BooXkeepers are cool, our partners are cooler and our clients are the coolest! Are you ready to be cool? Join us at #CoolBeanCounters. For more information on how we can help transform your business bookkeeping contact us today!

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