7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bookkeeper

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to run your business?  Between training employees, pitching clients, sending office memos, approving marketing initiatives, and taking care of your company’s bookkeeping needs – it can be a lot!

If you answered “yes” then you may want to consider a bookkeeper.

But what questions should you ask when hiring a bookkeeper?

Ensure They Have Experience with Your Business Model

We recommend finding a bookkeeper who has experience within your industry, and even with your specific business model.

Make sure they understand the market for your current industry, how the size of your business could impact your tax rate if they can work with those who consider themselves to be self-employed, and much more.

Evaluate Their Communication Methods and Skills

Sometimes, talking numbers and understanding your tax burden can feel like a foreign language.

It is important to look for a bookkeeper who can explain the often challenging and confusing concepts to you.

Ask the bookkeeper how often they communicate with their clients and see if that works for you.

Ask What Software They Use

When you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper, you should always ask about what software they use.  

Ask About Their Long-Term Plans for Your Business

It’s important to remember that smart bookkeeping is just as much of a financial strategy for your business as creating a budget, setting price points, and securing discounts from suppliers are.

Bookkeepers shouldn’t just be able to help you to save money in the short term, they should also speak with you about how they can help you to increase your profits in the long term.

Ask about their experience with planning for future company acquisitions, projected growth, maintenance costs, and even fundraising.

Ask How They Keep up with Current Regulations

Ask them if they’re a member of any professional organizations.  You should also ask about any certifications they’ve completed in the past, as well as the continuing education programs that they’re looking into.

Do they attend industry events?

You need to work with a bookkeeper who has the contacts to help with a situation that may not fall under their umbrella of expertise.

Understand Their Strategy

As a small business owner, you need to find a bookkeeper who can help you to take advantage of tax breaks and find more opportunities for write-offs.

Ask them how they help companies lower their tax burdens and about their knowledge of local tax laws.

They also need to be familiar with how recent changes in the tax law will impact your business.

Speak With References

It is always good to ask if you can speak with references directly – also read online reviews and testimonials.

Finding the Best Bookkeeper Is Easy with These Tips

As you’ve learned from this post, there are several essential factors that you’ll need to evaluate when you’re in the process of finding the best bookkeeper.

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